VW Open #3
Malmi Airfield, Helsinki 23.5.1998

VW Open just keeps gettin better year after year. So far it is the only decent Volkswagen related event there has been organised in the Capital Helsinki area.
This metallic gray Oval with BRM replicas was my favourite of the show, everything (except maybe minus the front seats) was just perfect.
The repro BRM's seemed to be very popular choice for alloy wheels for '98. A bit too popular, I thought that my '63 Bug would be different from the 5-spoke Empi mass by fitting those Berms. Yeah right...

Kirkkis brought his 914 Porsche, which is quite unique vehicle in Finland and looks good with polished wheels.

Kai's Oval was also sporting the BRM repros.
The "run what you brung" (the event isn't named VW Open for nothing) style 1/8th mile drag race featured also interesting vehicles.
The Herbie-replica on the right is owned by Jussi Jyrankö, owner of BUGPAJA and organizer of this event.
Yup, I know that 70's Beetles are ugly, but this German looker was built with exceptionally good taste. The Doppel on the left is just gorgeous even though it is bit too high.