VW Open #4
Malmi Airfield, Helsinki, 22.5.1999

VW Open rules..

It is simply the best Air-Cooled Volkswagen event in Finland. VW Open is single day drive-in type event, there are no melon eating contests etc. just cool Volkswagens and 1/8th mile drag racing. Weather was great and the general arrangements of the event runned smooth.

Orange County in 1970? Nope.. Just Jani Vuojolahti's Old-School Looker. Jani did one of the very first Resto Lookers in Finland in early 90's. Now he is blowing us all away with this.
Pauli's car on the left is one of the lowest in Helsinki area.
Two genuine Karmann Kabriolett's with 10 years separating them. I wouldn't mind of that Gulf Blue '63 Kabriolet being next to my Gulf Blue '63 Sedan (Old-School wannabee..) on my driveway. Unbelievable car, but so is that '53 Kabriolet built from a total wreck.
Pasi Villanen and Demolition-Vesku from WCA brought their low, yet different Volkswagens to the event.
Turo's BUS-6 won the ugliest car award. There is something growing in the decklid.
Two original classics. Owner of the '59 Karmann Ghia should have had second thought about that wing mirror. To other people car is excellent starting point, slam it and fit Berms.. Pre '74 911/912's kick butt, no spoilers or wings but lot of chrome.
The weird-lookin' buggy on the left is called "The Frog" and has been built as some sort of a joke by members of TAK.

Pete has owned his Bug for ages and the car has gone through most of the California Look trends in Finland. Car looks good with the current shiny parts and matt black combo.

Two different approaches to build killer Type II. Janne Makinen's gorgeous Sonderbus was faster of the two.
Jyrki Laune's '65 was the fastest street legal Volkswagen with 7.56 / 146 kmph ET's.

Photos 17 - 24 by Jyri Erämaa of Arabia Slugs