VW Open
Malmi Air Field, 20.5.2000

Jussi Jyränkö of BUGPAJA did it again! VW Open celebrated it's 5th birthday this year and the show was even bigger succes than ever. After the show I felt that there weren't so many cool cars like last year, but I think that I have more photos this year.. Anyway, the show is the best event in Finland and big thank you for the organisers.

This Jupiter Gray '63 Beetle Standard was built by Kirkkis in early 90's. It must be pain to see an ex-car looking this good and being owned by someone else.

Inner shot of the Standard Beetle and Jarkko Solakuja's '65 Bug which won the Cal Look class.

My favourite car of the event was Maaza's Porsche 356B.

The second oldest Karmann Kabriolett Beetle in the show.

Killer Notch and Nice Beryl Green '62 with MWS EMPI copies.

Extremely well built Split with later IRS pan.

Heikki Naapuri's late model with 4-lug Lemmertzs.

This duo shows how much California Look has changed over the years and how many variations there are.

VW Type 181 Thing and Rokki-Pauli's Wild Thing. BTW, Hey Pauli could you check if Jussi accidentally gave you the keys of my Cabrio's steering lock and return them!!

This Oval was my favourite original/restored car.

Drag strip action

Merca-Kungen preparing to kick some Old School butt :-)

Very original looking late model which ran faster than many of the Cal Look cars. Race-Kaide from Arabia Slugs attended also the races with his stock 1300cc.

J-P Pukema's turbocharged 2110cc race-buggy ran low 7's in 1/8th mile.

Photo credits: Timo Kirkkomäki, Tero Virta