VW Open #6
21.5.2005 Kiikala air field, Finland
The long-awaited VW Open realized this weekend after the 5-year absense. The event location had moved from Malmi air field in Helsinki to Kiikala about 100km away, there were two other Euro car events the same day but I doubt that neither of those facts affected much to the air-cooled crowd. Weather was as great as it usually is in VW Open, it has never rained so far.

The event was great fun for me since I haven't much participated to any local events for the past 2-3 years since I haven't had a driveable VW, I sold my '64 Sedan after the summer of '02 and Cabriolet has been "on the dock" since spring of '03. It was pretty cool to meet old buddies and witness the overall success of the event knowing the amount of work Jussi from Kuplapaja has went trough to organize this for all of us.

Jussi Marimo from Studio 44 with his KG.

Jaska Säilä's Jupiter Gray '63 Standard is now sporting chromed Sprint Stars.

Heeba Asikainen managed to break the 13 second barrier with his '61 before some transmission problems.

Anders Heimberg participated to the event with two cars, the '67 above and the '58 below.

Rafa sharing the garage with Anders came with his Pritschenwagen.

Two fastest VWs in the event. Jyrki Laune's '65 was featured in Volksworld some time ago.

Two Ovals from Vaasa, some 700+ km round trip for these guys.

Alhoracing never misses a chance to race, even with the spare 1300cc engine.

This season I'll be wearing Fuchs.. I sort of accidentally came across to this '55 Swedish import Oval. I got these cool Old School Polizei decals from Walter Jelinek of Bug Box along with other pretty cool promo stuff, thanks dude!

This is the Old School Polizei then, two Porsche wheeled black Luftsick sedans with sissy engines. Polices operate in pairs, in this case there is no good cop - bad cop situation, just bad cop - bad cop.

Jussi Jyränkö built this '63 Herbie replica over 10 years ago and it is still looking cool.

This white 4-lug KG Convertible gave plenty of good vibes.

Rokki-Pauli, well-known from his band Red Hot playing straight rock'n'roll and very low Volkswagens. Exceptionally clean late model Type III on the left.

Pasi Paavola, the official engine blow operator came with his accessorized Split Window.

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