VW Open #7
20.5.2006 Kiikala air field, Finland

If there has always been one thing quaranteed in VW Opens it has been sunburns, unfortunately it wasn't the case this time. I really felt sorry for my buddy Jussi organizing the event, it seemed that the event was going to rain away, but some number of cars kept arriving during the day. To complete my miserable feeling I had to leave early, these shots are taken before 11:30AM.

Event organizer, Jussi Jyränkö, showed example with his new patina Split. He delivered a series of mid 13-second quartermile times with 180 km/h speeds, with wheels spinning still in 3rd gear.

Jyrki Laune putting his participant number to his '55 Oval in inspection line.

Along with Jussi's Split one of the long-awaited debuts was Kotten Tallgren's '67. Kotten in his 50s is living proof that "you don't quit Volkswagens when you got older, if you do quit you would became older".

Arto Vatja was the number #2 in CalLook.com's Top 20. While there is still slight rain and no reason to unload the trailer, there's a good opportunity to tune the pit-bike.

While I drove over in my daily driver, Luftsick president Takis arrived in style as we are used to see him.

Sebastian Vuorisalo's patina Split with detailed Rostyle wheels. I guess that this is the only set of South African Sprints in Finland.

ex-Hellman/Jyränkö/Erämaa Oval with new owner, speaking of CalLook.com ranking this car was #3 in Top20 in 2004 in Jussi's ownership.

Nice '66 Beetle waiting for the slam-hand for rear.

I have always digged the pre-impact bumper era Porsches, but I got good vibes from this one too. Maybe it is due to the fact having grown in 80's with TV series sporting rides like this one.

Juha Manninen had swapped steel rims to his 356B.

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