VW Open #8
19.5.2007 Kiikala air field, Finland

Don't know but somehow I have a good feeling about VW Drag Racing in Finland, the scene has gotten kind of a vital injection.

Alhoracing glued pieces of tarmac to his slics during the burnout.

Black Volkswagens galore.

Battle of Tomis. Tomi Seppälä won. Muutenkin Tomi on pärjännyt ihan mukavasti noinkin "aseettomaksi mieheksi" :-)

Marko from Slugs garage brought his '58 sleeper out, job well done, now it looks the part or actually lacks certain looks..

Doo-Dah from Vaasa raced with his black '55 Oval while it's brother stayed parked. It was maiden voyage to my new long-ratio gearbox that hopefully gets me to summer events with bit more pleasant cruising speed than 80km/h@3000 revs last summer. Got engine tinware powder coated and the smell nearly toxicated me on the very first test runs around the block but after 200 km round trip the smell vanished.

The plate said 195hp Volkswagen.

The black one looked very nostalgic.

Famous 80's Custom and '58 Split-a-like that looks almost exactly the one Tipi built over 10 years ago. Got me fooled but even sharing same look they have major differences, like the Split windscreen on this one. This ride like Tipi's was built a long time ago and it is always cool to see another survivor.

Tomi's '52 Split.

Two cars more from our garage. I'm very glad that all the pain Vilho had during the last 2-3 weeks paid off in the end. Anders scored one more trophy with this '58.

Event isn't called VW Open for nothing, this '57 brought childhood to teenage memories about Hanko street race reports from 80's V8 Magazines.

C'mon Aleksi hit it little bit more with lowering stick :-)

Asikainen Bros' rides.. "Broidi's" Split turned out pretty nice, when it was for sale as an unfinished project at Kuplapaja it missed some Split-only pieces and finding them isn't that easy anymore.

The DWL guys have done a nice job with their side project.

Nice and practical solution to repair front end collision damage and add Hot Rod appeal, glad to see that car got sorted out.

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