Super Sano Jurmijarvi Streeter (in Hot VWs speak..)
Owner: Kari Alhonen, Luftsick

This car started life as ordinary black '61 Beetle until Make Railo of WCA got hold of it. Make did some basic fixing to the car and installed the Britax sunroof among other things.

About the same time Kari had been biten by the Old School Cal Look Bug and seeing some famous Lookers live in California didn't help at all. After the trip Kari sold his Sonderbus to Janne Mäkinen and swapped a 1302 Cabriolet project to Make's '61 Sunroof Sedan.

During '93/'94 Kari built the car to look as close as possible to Dave Mason's '62 except for the wheels (neither repro or gennie Berms were available at that time) and sunroof (Dave has a original Golde sunroof). Red brick coloured interior was stitched by Kai Aulankoski. Since Old School doesn't mean slamming and repro 5-spokes, but serious horsepower combined with more simpler Look, this was the first "proper" Old School car in the country as far as I know.

The 5.5" Sprint Stars were used prior the MWS BRM repros were available in Finland. (Sorry 'bout the reflection on the right side photo.) A bit of The Look has been sarcificed for better ETs, that's why the ground clearance is quite high, optimal weight transfer you know.. Stock tail pipes? Yes, there is now a 1600cc engine temporarily until the under construction 1776cc will be installed. I have heard rumours about a 1776 related bet between Jyrki and Kari :-)

Some winters the car was taken out of the garage for daily transportation as early as February. Can you imagine; 2.3 stroker engined RWD car in the winter!

For most of us the car is known from drag strip. Dave Mason's car runs 11s with NOS, so far Kari's has run 12s wihtout nitrous. In Finland it is still the fastest ET achieved with normally aspirated street legal VW Beetle (at the time I'm writing this). In the 3rd photo Kari is with Gene and Dee Berg.

Trip to France

In '95 Kari made a long journey (over 4000 kms) to Paris from Helsinki while the car was in 13-second trim. While in Paris he naturally visited the Rene Feller Service, Rene's racer was couple of tenths slower than Kari's, French guys couldn't believe that the car was driven all the way from Finland.

Gas Burners
During 2001-02 Kari updated the Sedan with Gas Burners, Berg 5-speed transmission and his new 13-second 1776cc engine.

Photo credits: Kari Alhonen, Tero Virta

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