Historic Rallying in Belgium
ACP Classic Tour and Ypres Westhoek Rally

Fast Freddy in ACP
Der Autobahn Scrapers member Frederic 'Fast Fred' Peeters participated Historic Rally event in Belgium few weeks ago. I let Freddy finish his story about the rally..

"I send you some pics of me and my girlfriend 'acting' in a rally that went from Middelkerke (Belgian coast) to Epernay (Champagne, France) and back to the casino of Middelkerke, it is called the ACP tour 2001, and is organised every two years. We drove about 1000km trough very small roads (600 miles) in three days."

"We had to find our way trough those little roads, following navigational instructions. That is were my co-pilot and soon to be wife Isabel came in. she guided me trough everything and told me how to drive during three (yes!) days."

Fred and Isabel receiving the trophies in Kortemark.

Freddy drove the rally with the Type III that he bought in the carmuseum in Reims.

"The car kept up very good. Just in the morning, he had to warm up abit. The brakes however are another story. They didn't perform that well anymore after the first day. I decided to go very easy on the brakes and hard on the clutch. It worked. Now Bob from BBT is reviewing-restoring-making my whole brake-system."

"It was an event that is called a FIVA-A (international-drives trough more than one country) rally, watched by FIVA-stewards, with official 'everything'."

"The funny thing about everything is that we didn't perform that bad neither. Despite having not driven any rally before, we ended fourth in our group of the 1960-1975 cars. We were also the first mixed team. We ended just behind a rally team that drove rallies already 30 years. At the end of the rally they told us that we made some mistakes that they had seen, but that they couldn't tell it to us, because they were afraid that the 'rookie' team was gonna beat 'em."

"Other cars were Minis, lots of MG B GTs, lots of Escort RS2000s, a Ferrari 365 GT from 1968 and a 1975 Beetle Cabriolet. Two cars were totalled during the rally; a Cortina was hit in the rear by a Jeep, and a DAF marathon was crushed in the side when passing a main road."

"Lots of cars had technical failures, and about nine cars didn't finish in our group for that reason. I saw a MG B GT, were the front braking disc decided to explode. Nothing remained of that 'brake disc'. Never seen something like that. A 850cc mini burnt 2 valves, trying to keep up with 'the big guys'. a owner of a beautiful blue Alfa Romeo from 1958 parked his car at the bottom of a ditch."

Photos from Bruno Erard
Small world, I also received photos from another Belgian rallying enthusiast Bruno Erard. Who shot photos at ACP Classic and Ypres Westhoek Rally. For more Historic Rally photos and other makes than VW and Porsche see Bruno' web-site.

Porsche 356B 1600 from the ACP Classic Tour event.

Couple of Porsches from Ypres Westhoek Rally earlier this summer.

Photo credits: Bruno Erard, Frederic Peeters. This site has the copyright to the photos and reproducing or copying them is forbidden.