FOR SALE: VW "1200" -65 Bug

Best ET 9.803sec/137.8mph in full street trim: street legal tires, through muffler and fan belt on!

Featured in Volksworld April 2004. Since the feature the car has received some upgrades (see specs), and during the 2004 season ran a new record and proved once again to be very reliable, requiring only very little maintenance. Now the owners J-P Pukema and Jyrki Laune have achieved their goal of running a series of 9s, and the car is for sale if anyone wants a turn-key proven and reliable 9-second street beetle.

Season 2003 photos

Season 2004 photos

Here's a little sales propaganda: the car should have easily a low 9.6sec in it; the record was ran with a 1.49sec 60ft, and later the car ran a 1.42 and a 1.41sec... but, due to some oil leaks from V8 cars at the race during that weekend, the track was not perfect and the car turned slightly during the long wheelies and these pulls were not 100% clean, resulting in "only" high 9s.

The car has been built using very high quality parts, a lot of time and enthusiasm, resulting in a bullet-proof engine, transaxle and chassis. The car is not a gutted race car - it is equipped with all the stuff needed to pass the annual tech specs, and is raced and driven on the street always with the same setup. The record was run at 2042lbs total weight - a big handicap, but this is how we have chosen to build and drive the car. A new owner could choose to gut the car, add real slicks, pull the fan belt off and run even faster!

1965 bug with a sunroof: One piece front end, fibreglass rear fenders, engine cover & bumpers, and lexan side & back windows. Metallic black paint inside & out. Full cage & safety equipment NHRA-certified to run in the 9s. Two bucket seats and "full interior" with aftermarket panels & floor mat. GB shifter, Autometer 5", VDO oil-temp, oil-pressure / fuel pressure gauges.

Narrowed adjustable front beam, disc brakes, C/E adjustable drag shocks and adjustable limiter straps in front. Hurst line-lock. Rear tubbed 2" per side, raised 2 1/4", 31mm torsion bars, adjustable spring plates, aluminium retainers, adjustable suspension stops and adjustable RLR shocks. GB wheeliebars installed when racing at a strip. Weld wheels, 3 and 8", with front runners and M/T ET Street 11.5x28X15.

Engine: ARPM 3-piece case, GB 84mm crank w/ wedgemated flywheel, 2000lbs clutch with RLR Black Magic disc, 5.6" Bugpack rods w/ ARP bolts, 94mm Wisecos w/ Total Seal rings, HD custom cylinders w/ 6 CrMo-studs each, Pauter Gerotor 4-stage dry sump, FK-89 cam, Magnum gears, Pauter 1.3:1 rockers, GB race pushrods, C/E heads, ported, 44x40 Manley valves, K800 springs and titanium retainers, 1 3/4" header, Custom Holset HX50 turbo, 3" exhaust with muffler, dual Audi wastegates, air-to-air intercooler, Motec engine management, Deutz fan.

Transmission: MD4S by Weddle, 4.11 r&p, 3.44-1.93-1.35-1.04 gears, full sychros, unbreakable Karpiola axles.

Car is located in Helsinki, Finland.

For more information contact Jyrki Laune, +358-40-7432391,

Project photos

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